an advance education system

that will help you ace challenging physics, chemistry and biology exams.

You will be excelling
in exams due to
the personal guidance that
our experienced teachers can provide
in a small class
settings of
not more than
5 students
per tutorial class.

Hi there, This is Teacher Rick!

In my past 10 years of being a teacher, I have seen countless students struggle with tough questions from biology, physics and chemistry despite their best efforts.

Well, we don’t put

the blame on you…

…as we clearly know that many students are not properly trained to answer these type of questions in the first place.

And besides, most teachers would simply explain the concepts
and drill students with worksheets

This is not going to work at all with the Higher Order Thinking questions appearing
in exams





for physics, chemistry and biology

That’s why here at CCE we practice the SMART Teaching method, a new and advanced teaching method that will make learning engaging and helps you master any science concept. The SMART Teaching method is based on 5 key concepts.

5 key concepts of the
SMART Teaching method

Seek and Explore

Discover concepts with our interactive learning software. Learn to analyze like a top scientist and train in the cognitive thinking skills needed in science exams.

Minimum Notes

Deepen your learning with efficient notes that will help you learn the concepts without flipping through countless pages of notes. Our notes are designed in a way that the students will be able to fully understand the concepts and the key points needed to answer higher order questions.

Advanced worksheets for advanced questions

With our worksheets designed by our academic team you will be trained in the important thinking and subject skills to answer any challenging question.

Reinforced Learning

Reinforce your understanding with the adaptive feedback from our unique learning management system. With this you will be able to keep track of your progress and assess yourself to understand your weak points while learning.

Total Mastery

We boast total mastery of the concept because of the individual attention we can provide thank to the small class size setting of not more than 5 students per teacher.

Once you are onboard, thanks to our learning system you will be able to…


Ask Questions


Interact with Teachers


Find your weak areas and work on it


Review what you have learned over the week


Know your strengths and weaknesses in exams


Learn easily from your mistake thanks to our feedback system


Keep your own personal notes

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