Improving The Thinking Skills of the Child

Understanding the Concepts

Preparing the Students for Exams

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Improving Thinking Skills


Improving your child’s Cognitive Thinking Skills is their key to academic success.

Our center has the right method to train cognition…


Teach basic cognition skills

We explain the basic cognitive concepts and methodologies that are required to understand and solve the problems.


Practice what you learn

We then practice the target Cognition with fun filled exciting activities and examples so that the children are able to grasp and apply the Math concept and the cognition skills learnt.


Some more complexity

Once every individual child has understood the concept and is able to apply them to simple problems we then move to advanced level problems, exposing the children to showcase their understanding of the concept as well as perform faster and better due to correct application of their cognitive skills.

Question that requires student's intelligence to solve.
Given the radii of two quadrants, 8 cm and 16 cm. Find the difference area between the two shaded parts.

Please refer to the figure. (π = 3.14)


Area of Big Quadrant:

1/4 x 3.14 x 16 cm x 16 cm = 200.96 cm 2


Area of Small Quadrant:

1/4 x 3.14 x 8 cm x 8 cm = 50.24 cm 2


Area of Rectangle:

8 cm x 16 cm = 128 cm 2


Area of A:

200.96 cm 2 – 50.24 cm 2 = 150.72 cm 2


Difference in Area between the two shaded parts X and Y:

150.72 cm 2 – 128 cm 2 = 22.72 cm 2

Improving Numeracy Skills

Numeracy skills are the ability to operate with numbers and have an intuitive understanding of its relationship in different mathematical concepts. Students with good grasp of numeracy skills can understand and solve mathematical problems easily.

Hence, our tutorial program do not just focus on giving out worksheets to the students and marking them. Instead, we make sure that our worksheets and activities will improve the numeracy skills of the students. Our goal is to help empower them with the ability of solving difficult mathematical questions just like top math students.

Question that requires good numeracy skills to answer.
Kitty s father gave her money as a graduation gift She spent half of the money, adding $4 on a new dress. Next, she spent half of what was left of her money, adding another $2 on a new bag. Then she spent ⅔ of the remaining money, once again adding $1 to buy a hat. The amount of money that was left with her is $11.

a) How much did each of the item cost?
b) What is the total amount of money she had?

a) Dress: $160 – $76 = $84.oo

Bag: $76 – $36 = $40.oo
Hat: $36 – $11 = $25.oo

b) $160

Understanding Concepts


In CCE, we do not feed everything to our students. We give them the opportunity to try different Math-related activities and experiments so they can discover things on their own.

Stage 2: EXPLORE

Next to discovery is exploration. After we discover a scenic view, we do not go home instantly. Instead, we would stay for a few hours and explore place. This is also true with Math. To fully appreciate and benefit from lesson, it is important that students analyse the subject thoroughly.


The student read the book. He also gathered some knowledge from the experiment. What is next? He needs to conceptualise. This means that he should create the idea or concept and organise it in his mind. This is vital in order for him not to be confused.

Questions that requires a good understanding of the topic instead of using root memorization.
Three squares with measurements of 3, 5, and 6 centimeters were partly painted. Find the area of the unshaded parts.


3 cm x 3 cm = 9 cm 2

5 cm x 5 cm = 25 cm 2

6 cm x 6 cm = 36 cm 2

34 cm 2 + 36 cm 2 = 70 cm 2

½ x 8 cm x 6 cm = 24 cm 2

70 cm 2 – 24 cm 2 = 46 cm 2

The area is 46 cm 2

Preparing the Students for Exams


Due to our exam preparations; students are fully prepared and are able to approach

the exams confidently, as they are well equipped to ace the exams…

Our Notes

Our specialist curriculum development team designs easy to understand, easy to learn formula sheets and thoroughly prepared study notes. This makes students practice well as they are able to deal with all types of questions that help them confidently approach exams.

Provide Practice On All Types Of Questions

We provide practice on almost all question types to prepare before the exams. have a data analysis team that various sources like schools, previous exams and current curriculum. They analyse the trends and create the worksheets and questions in such a way to provide the best and most comprehensive preparation for exams.

We prepare our students to become confident and well-prepared on their exams.

We Work on Individual Weakness of the Students:

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