Many of you parents are probably wondering how other children are able to answer even the most challenging Math Problem Sums.

You tried so many tutors…

or have been through numerous methods and practices but still you don’t see any improvement at all when facing higher order thinking questions.

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High Order Thinking Questions

High Order Thinking Questions are not your average Math Problem Sums. They are very unique sets of question that need cognitive thinking skills and creativity in solving.

High Order Thinking Questions Samples

Not Your Ordinary Type of Maths Problems

Well, these are not just your ordinary type of Maths problems; in fact these are new type of questions that students will not have the chance to practice before the exams! They are also the more challenging questions which require students to have better analytical thinking and creative problem solving skills to solve.

Teaching Methods were not adapted effectively to help with Higher Order Thinking Questions

However, many educational institutions have not adapted their teaching methods effectively to help students answer these kinds of questions.
In fact, they are are still using outdated teaching methods such as providing answer templates, conducting practice exams and assessment books that drills students to memorize the answers.

Challenges of Answering Higher Order Thinking Questions

That is why students who have practiced the old, outdated way will find it challenging with higher order thinking questions , but also have wasted a lot of precious time memorizing and practice more questions that will no longer help.

The good

news is…

that your child

can now master

these skills

during the

school holidays!

After series of observation and studies of students with 95 and above scores, we have discovered their ability to use the 5 Advanced Cognitive Thinking Skills when solving Math questions.

Here in CCE, we developed an easy 4-step rule that can answer ALL Math related questions!

Learn to use
5 advanced
cognitive thinking skills

You see, many students are able to master the methods, but they lack the cognitive thinking skills to apply different methods

Not to worry because we are here to share with you the secrets how our 1000 students over the years to improve their grades.

to various questions, and with more higher order thinking questions appearing on exams, students need to be flexible and know how to modify, solve and be creative to answer higher order thinking questions.


Don’t have to memorize the

steps to various question types.

Instead, students will be

able to do ALL

fractions, ratio, percentage

questions type.

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