The success of your child’s education journey will depend on how he/she could understand various academic concepts deeply and manipulate it based on the questions requirement.


We Do

After we have put in 6 years of in cognitive science research, you can finally equip your child with the 7 thinking tools that top students have that helps them to succeed in primary schools.

We are proud to announce that 96.7% of our cohort in the past 5 years achieve Top 10 in Maths and English in their respective classes.

The lesson is based on CCE method where lessons are made interesting with our hands-on learning and live questions. You will realize how much your child will enjoy the subject thereafter when they are able to understand the subject and have the intellect to solve it. Students will want to constantly test their mind on harder questions and find out more on how they could better deal with the subject. That is how they gain interest.



With CCE proud record of making lessons enjoyable. You can’t force a student…

  • To do well, student needs to be happy and interested

  • We are the only one who can do it and we are the best points

Thanks to CCE Method, lessons are hands-on and solving live questions, these makes learning interesting and real, the first step to enable students to be self-motivated.

Why Us

The daunting PSLE questions you have heard in the media, it will only get worse in secondary school, where questions are need to infer, questions be about thinking – where route learning and hard work will no longer be enough and only students who could really think can succeed.

Despite the new emphasis on thinking skills and subject skills rather than route learning, most educators are still unable to upgrade their teaching method. That’s why the CCE P1 Prep Class can really thrive in the new syllabus due to CCE research. To properly and correctly equip students with all the thinking skills to do well and be better prepared than everyone. As far as we are aware, we are the only center that has this course. As they are the only few who has these skills embedded before P1.


Academic performance of students before Primary 6

  • 81.62% of the students could not fully comprehend passage and understand the deeper idea behind it

  • 72.34% of the students could not analyze and link upon what the teachers teach

  • 73.55% of the students could not manipulate concepts they have learned to apply to the question appropriately

  • 32.58% of the students are not able to remember concepts/spelling appropriately

“My son’s experience at CCE has been nothing short of fulfilling. The center is well-equipped with resources to allow their students to reach their maximum potential. Their P1 Prep Class activities are kid-friendly and the teachers are genuinely nice and approachable.”

-Racquel Yee-
Mum of Xian

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“Luane has the curiosity level of a 20-year old! My husband and I decided to take advantage of this and enrolled her at CCE’s P1 Prep Class. She’s been having the time of her life! She now studies lessons above her grade level and more importantly, enjoys it!”

-Janice Wong-
Mum of Luane

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“All my 3 children are doing excellent in primary school thanks to CCE. A big thank you to their patient and committed teachers who have taught them.”

-Faith Lee-
Mum of twins Tim and Jing, 8 years old
and Wendy, 7 years old

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“I’m impressed with CCE’s P1 Prep Class! In just 3 months, my daughter has learned over 50 new words and is slowly gaining confidence in her maths skills.”

-Peter Wong-
Dad of Chun, 6 years old

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“I would like to thank the teachers of CCE. If it wasn’t for them, my son wouldn’t be interested in learning new things in school.”

-Ria Tan-
Mum of Chris, 7 years old

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For just $120 , your child can revel in 1.5 hour weekly sessions filled with fun and exciting Maths and English activities that will equip him with the skills to cope with the challenging world of primary school.

Here’s what your child can learn from our
Primary 1 Prep Class program:

“Ever since Shi started taking P1 Prep classes at CCE, she has developed a keen interest in learning, not only in school but also in life. She has become more studious and takes school seriously. Plus, she always returns home from CCE with a huge smile on her face.”

-Wyn Hsu-
Mum of Shi, 6 years old
Mum of Xian

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“Kudos to the teachers of CCE! Their passion and dedication to help children to learn are admirable! My daughter does schoolwork on her own and is at the top of her class! Words can’t completely express my gratitude to you all.”

-Adam Lau-
Dad of Pippa, 7 years old

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“The 1.5 hour weekly sessions at CCE’s P1 Prep Class is worth every penny! My children have are now more than ever, eager to learn new things they haven’t even discussed in school. I recommend CCE to every parent who wants their children to succeed in school.”

-Andrea Ang-
Mum of Michelle, 7 years old and
Michael, 6 years old

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“CCE has worked wonders for my son. He used to be scared of Math. Now, he’s able to answer complex Maths problems in a blink of an eye!”

-Eunice Go-
Mum of Martin, 7 years old

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“CCE has taught my daughter that learning can be fun. The center evokes a kid-friendly and relaxed environment that is conducive to learning. She enjoys every minute spent in the center and even wants to go there daily! She’s doing excellent in school and is even helping her classmates out in English and Math!”

-Naomi Co-
Mum of Elaine, 6 years old

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2015 Intake

*Not all schools have P1 tests so no results were obtained

2015 Intake

*Not all schools have P1 tests so no results were obtained

With the increased heuristic challenge questions, CCE P1 Prep Class will get your child all the thinking skills to succeed and have an enjoyable primary school life.
Limited slots at 14-21 students per center.